About me

I'm Radek Nováček, software developer and computer enthusiast from Czech Republic with more than ten years of experience with various programming languages and technologies. My experience range from development of low-level operating system management tools, databases, backend for information systems to desktop, mobile, and web application development.

I love the process of software development: starting with just an idea that needs to be broken to little pieces of something that can be transformed into a source code, then taking these pieces and putting them together one after another until the jigsaw is complete and you have a solution.

I started to make computer programs at elementary school and it soon became my passion, my field of study and then my bread and butter. I have a master degree in Information Technology at Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology, with specialization on intelligent systems.



This list is definitely not complete, only technologies that I have substantial knowledge and experience are listed here. I've used plenty of different languages, frameworks, and tools during my career. And I do love trying new things and experimenting.


Python is currently my language of choice. I love its elegance and simplicity yet great power. I do know and use many frameworks and libraries, for example Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, ...


Knowledge of Javascript is nowadays essential not only for frontend developers. Some of the libraries I'm familiar with are: jQuery, KnockoutJS, Twitter Bootstrap, d3, and many more.


HTML5, CSS, and Javascript are key ingredients in the recipe for creating not only web pages, but complex web information systems.

C / C++

When it comes to low-level system tools and performance critical systems, C and C++ are great choice. I've used them to write GNU/Linux management systems, GUI applications with Qt framework, and embedded development for Arduino.


I'm GNU/Linux user since year 2005. It's my primary development and deployment platform. I also have RHCSA and RHCE certificates.



SOKIS is web-based information system for construction company, designed and created from scratch using agile principles. Main targets are project planning, resource management, monitoring risks and performance, and evaluation of results. Currently used by more than 20 users.

I'm lead software developer of this project.

Server side of the project is written in Python using Django framework. Client side consists of several rich web applications and a mobile application written using Apache Cordova framework.


virt-who is an open source tool that monitors a hypervisor (local or remote) or virtualzation management system and reports what guests are running on what hypervisor. It supports libvirt, VMWare ESX(i) and vCenter, vdsm and RHEV-M, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer as a hypervisor, Satellite 5 and Satellite 6 as reporting target. It's written in Python. I'm original author and main contributor.


OpenLMI is an open source project to provide standardized API for GNU/Linux system management operations. Written in combination of C and Python. I'm responsible for networking provider.


Matahari is another open source attempt for system management, written in C++, now discontinued.


Todo:Read is award winning mobile application for Meego and Blackberry for reading postponed articles written in C++ and Qt.

Hire me

I'm currently both self-employed using Toptal and working in a big company on part-time. I'm also looking for new oportunities and challenges. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss our future cooperation.

Contact Information

  • Email: rad.n (at) centrum (dot) cz
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